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February 2013

Top 10 Wiggle Dresses

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10 Wiggle Dresses in different colours and patterns

Don’t be afraid to wiggle through life! While we acknowledge that some vintage clothing can look (or make you look) frumpy, this is one vintage dress that you don’t want to ignore! The vintage-inspired wiggle dress has a hem that is smaller in circumference than the hips and forces you to wiggle while you walk! While it’s not as extreme today as this shape may once have been, this piece of vintage clothing is still downright fabulous. We’re especially in love with number 4, which is a beautiful mix of the colour block dress and the work appropriate wiggle dress.

5 Wiggle Dresses

1. Oasis Almari Dart Detail Rib Dress, £50: This basic wiggle dress will give you flexibility to wiggle at the office, or for fun.

2. ASOS Wiggle Dress With Exaggerated Hips And Embroidery, £120: Show off your personality with this embroidered, enhanced silhouette.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Rose-Print Crepe Bustier Dress, £880: Be funky and chic in this Dolce & Gabbana wiggle dress with gorgeous florals.

4. French Connection Manhattan Jersey Colour Block Dress, £60: Fantastic for the office place, this figure-hugging colour block dress is professional but not boring.

5. Oasis Victoria Lace Print Shift, £65: Wiggle with a little lace! Be demure and sexy all at once.

5 Wiggle Dresses

6. Farfetch Malene Birger ‘Elizao’ Dress, £152.97: Be pretty in pink with this gorgeous, curve-enhancing frock.

7. Topshop Scratch Graffiti Midi Dress, £32: Funky and fabulous, this modern twist will stand out against all other dresses in the room.

8. Joseph Red/White Wool-Cashmere Paule Spot Knit Dress, £286: Combine a cute polkadot with a very sexy dress and you can’t go wrong.

9. Zero + Maria Cornejo Sayah Dress, £297.52: This dress gathers in all the right places and will make you feel fabulous.

10. Farfetch DSquared2 Melange Jersey Dress, £538.97: This wiggle dress can be dressed up or down and work for a myriad of stylish occasions.


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