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June 2012

Men’s Vintage Clothing in London

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Beyond Retro

If you’re loving the look of vintage clothing but are feeling overwhelmed about where to begin, you’re not alone. With a plethora of vintage clothing stores in London, most men become befuddled by which shops actually have a good selection as opposed to those that call themselves “vintage,” but should really be labeled “thrift shop.” We’ve put together a guide to introduce you to the top four vintage clothing stores in London. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be sure to take London’s vintage clothing scene by storm!


Beyond Retro

Reflextion House

110-112 Cheshire Street

London E2 6EJ

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro started out with just one location, but now boasts four storefronts. This location in Brick Lane is by far our favourite. Although Beyond Retro has become a small chain, they continue to offer up a solid selection of vintage clothing by continuing to hand select each garment that makes its way to their racks. On top of that, the shop has the largest selection of vintage clothing available in London. This breadth of selection is one of the reasons we suggest starting your vintage clothing search here. You may find pieces here and there at smaller shops, but Beyond Retro will give you a wide range of choices right up front.


Radio Days

87 Lower Marsh

London SE1 7AB

Radio Days

Radio Days is another vintage clothing store that pays close attention to detail in selecting their clothing. Each piece is labeled with the decade in which the article was produced, which is especially helpful if you’re going after a look from a particular era. While the selection is smaller than that of Beyond Retro, every piece is in excellent condition and completely wearable. In addition, Radio Days carries magazines and household items from the bygone days, making them a go-to source for plays, television shows, and films. We also love that Radio Days is in the Southwark/Waterloo area, putting it out of the way of the trendy, picked over shops of Shoreditch.


Absolute Vintage

15 Hanbury Street


London E1 6QR

Absolute Vintage

We loved the Spitalfields area long before it became gentrified, and there continue to be hidden gems in this neighbourhood, including Absolute Vintage. The selection here is a bit unruly — you need to be in the mood to really hunt for your treasures. That said, there definitely are treasures to be had if you’re prepared to work for them. Absolute Vintage is definitely the go-to resource for shoes, bags, and other accessories, if nothing else; you’re likely to leave with at least one amazing find. Also, if you’re new to vintage fashion and are in need of a bit of advice, the salespeople here are top notch.



What the Butler Wore

131 Lower Marsh

London SE1

What the Butler Wore

For the past 17 years, What the Butler Wore has been one of London’s best vintage boutiques. This is the place to visit if you’re particularly interested in fashion from the 60s and 70s, though they carry pieces from earlier decades as well. Accessories are especially plentiful and high quality here, including a bow tie collection that could turn any novice vintage shopper into a collector. What the Butler Wore has been heavily covered by the press for the quality of their clothing, jewellery, and accessories. Head here if you’re looking for an authentic retro outfit.

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